Rowing to school

In the western culture, the image of the parent driving his kid to school is a classic. In Vietnam, they do it differently.

Cat Ba is one of the hundreds of islands that can be found in Vietnam’s Halong Bay – UNESCO World Heritage Site and recently featured on the New 7 Wonders of Nature list. It has a population of 13,000, plus some 4,000 living in floating villages around the island. More on those in a future post.

As I was walking in the port at sunrise, I saw this boat approaching the shore and I decided to follow it in my viewfinder. The scene is the classic “parent driving the kid to school”, but with a boat instead of a car. However, some things never change: the boy steps out of the boat, turns around and asks for some money. His father searches his pocket and hands him a few notes.

When it comes to relationships, life is pretty much the same for all of us, no matter where we are.