Rainbow sunset in the Alps

The most amazing sunset I have ever seen in my life. Full story after the break.

This is part of my “Alone in the Alps” series, taken back in October 2009.

I was descending from “la Croix de Belledonne” (2929 m) on a very steep valley full of unstable rocks, with no footpath whatsoever and I was in a hurry, because it was getting dark and I really had to get down from there while I could still see where I was going. Arguably, one of the most intense moments (well, hours) for me, so far.

Anyway, while descending, after a sunny, cloudless day, I saw the amazing sunset light on the mountain in front of me. But the valley was too steep to stop and get my camera out of my backpack and it was really getting late, so I pressed on, thinking the light will pass in a minute or two anyway. And I kept going and the light was getting more intense each minute and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was almost running down the slope, trying to find a flat spot where I could stop and get my camera out, before the light ran away. Finally, I found such a place and I took a few shots in a hurry. That’s when I noticed the rainbow, which became really visible exactly in those moments. I don’t know where it came from. There was no rain and not a cloud in the sky the entire day. A compensation for my semi-twisted ankle, I guess..

In the end, I finished my descent when I could barely see and after that I marched for about 2 hours in the dark, to the nearest refuge.
It was quite a day… followed by a blizzard during the night.