Collective Choices Podcast

I (finally) launched a podcast.
Took me a bit long, considering all my years of doing radio shows, way before podcasts were trendy.
Anyway, it’s about things I’ve been passionate about for a long time: sustainability, urban mobility, nature conservation, the failed economic system and potential solutions, inequality, resources and wealth redistribution, behavior changes and a few others. And, of course, cycling, which has the potential to solve a surprising amount of issues in urban environments, even some that might seem unrelated.
As I’m now based in Stockholm, I’ll try to find some of the many people working on sustainability related solutions or research in Scandinavia and see what visions they have for the future, and I’ll also feature some interesting voices from other European Union countries.
Hope you’ll follow along this journey and that you’ll find some interesting ideas to think about.

Available to listen on Spotify, Apple, Google, etc, and also at:

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