Ancient Valley

The amazing landscape of the Guilin area in China.

This area was somewhere at the top of my priorities list during the 2 months in Asia. It turned out to be a bit of a disappointment in terms of photography, mainly because of the crappy-dull-flat-featureless-almost-rainy weather. I was in the ancient village of XingPing for 5 days, waiting for the weather to improve and for the Chinese people to settle down during their massive 10 days national holiday. Believe me, you really don’t want to be sharing public transport with one billion people crossing the country (provided you bought your tickets 2 weeks in advance).

On the last day of my stay I climbed a mini-mountain next to the village, just as I did every day at sunrise. Again, no visible sunrise, but I stayed there for a couple of hours, because the view was awesome and because the Chinese photographers who came in the meantime had cookies :)

All of the sudden, sun rays cut through the clouds, hitting the ground. Isolated beams of light, visible for a few seconds and then reappearing somewhere else. It all lasted for about five minutes. Five minutes of composing & clicking frenzy.

I made this panorama just at the end of the show, when some clouds still had a strange yellow glow. Pictures of the sun rays coming soon :)

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(Click for a larger version!)

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