Unlock Your Soul

I saw this message written on a building in Venice.

Unlock Your Soul

But what does it mean? I think it has to do with freedom.

We may think we are born free, but we are not. The society imposes rules on each and every individual, apparently in order to offer some rights in exchange. The freedom to move is restricted or monitored. The freedom of speech is a fantasy in some places. But the freedom of thought can still be enjoyed, if we manage to see the world around us in an objective way. Beyond our education or our society’s views on facts. One way of doing this is traveling and experiencing different cultures, learning to see things from other perspectives as well. You’ll learn to accept the differences around you and to adapt to the new every day. I think that unlocks your mind and with it, your soul.

The soul can still be completely free. We just need to stay away from all the misconceptions that surround us. We need to look beyond the superficial things and find some solid principles in life. At the same time, we need to be able to learn from everything that happens to us. To see the beauty, to recognize the evil, to appreciate the good, no matter the forms they come in.

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