Little India

Kuala Lumpur’s inhabitants have pretty funny names. They’re called KLites or Lumpurians and they are a very mixed bunch of people.

Coming to Malaysia from Vietnam by plane, without knowing too much about the country, was a bit surprising. People’s skin was suddenly darker and the women were covered by the Islamic burqas. There was also a big black sign in the airport saying that you could be sentenced to death for drug possession… But the country is not as Islamic as it seemed at first. There is a lot more diversity than that.

In Kuala Lumpur most of the inhabitants are actually Chinese, then come the native Malays, then the Indians and, last, the foreign residents. The Chinese have their Chinatown, of course, but there is also a neighborhood called Little India. It’s just as colorful as its Chinese counterpart, with buzzing streets filled with merchants and customers.  The city also has 66 shopping malls, but I tend to avoid those, regardless of the country.

Malaysia just got a new king. He is 84 (the oldest in the country’s history) and a fan of Frank Sinatra. [news]

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