Tropical Paradise

If you’re looking for that kind of holiday and you’re on a budget, the place where you need to go is Malaysia.

Malaysia has everything you could want: amazing islands and beaches, dense jungle, clear blue water and all the wildlife you can handle, above an under the water.

Of course, some creatures are harder to find than others. For example, I was out on the beach one evening, taking photos of a not so interesting sunset and, just as I was standing on some rocks coming out of the water, I saw a couple of sharks swimming around me. I only needed to raise an eyebrow at them and they swam away. Yes, they did. Maybe because they were only half a meter long, and the water was just knee deep… But I was told that if you went diving in a certain place, about 8km at sea, you would have a very good chance to get close and personal with the biggest shark on the planet: the whale shark. A totally harmless, plankton-eating giant. Unfortunately, you need a diving certificate to go there, so no shark pictures from me, for now.

Other creatures, on the other hand, are quite easy to find. In fact, they will find you. No matter where you hide, or how many clothes you put on you (how many CAN you wear near the Equator ?). Yes, the mosquitoes. Plenty of those, especially in the evening and if you go in the dense forest.

The image below was taken in the Perhentian Islands, Malaysia, after I decided to go exploring on the shoreline. Of course, trekking on those rocks proved to be more difficult than I estimated at first and I needed about twice as much time as I thought I would. Why didn’t I swim around the rocks? Well, who am I to say no to a fun challenge ?


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