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Ladies and gents, good morning!


At least here it’s past 1 am and I’m getting ready for a glorious morning, starting at 6.
It’s been a while since my last post, but I have good reasons for that. Like being stuck in a train across Siberia, swiming in the world’s deepest lake, wandering between the sand dunes of the Gobi Desert, or trying to understand the Chinese menu in front of me, in order to survive another day. Oh, and getting out in one piece from the mongolian cars. More on that later. But mostly no time for slow typing on the phone.

Those of you who have been following  me in the past years on my old blog ( ) or on facebook, should know by now how much I love mountains. Well, right now I am in Huangshan, China, and in a few hours I’m gonna start climbing one of the most beautiful mountains on Earth.
Yes, I am nervous. I hope the light is gonna be good to me and maybe I will even manage to find a spot without  tourists on the entire mountain. :) You won’t believe the numbers in China…

There are lots of stories to be told from this journey so far and lots of photos. Their time will come. Right now let’s do some living.

P.S.: the photo was taken with my mobile (rap lyrics : How pro can you go? How pro can you go?:) ) on a bus ride in Mongolia.

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