Tropical Paradise
If you’re looking for that kind of holiday and you’re on a budget, the place where you need to go is Malaysia.

Tropical Paradise

Mongolia is so incredibly different from everything we know.


Hoi An
Everything in Vietnam revolves around water: food, tourism, transport, living.

Life and water

Russian Love
If I learned one thing during my 2-month trip in Asia, it’s that, for all their amazing cultural differences, humans are pretty much the same at heart, everywhere you go.

Of Russian Love

So the bags are packed for the last part of my journey: getting home. After flying 10.000km from Kuala Lumpur to London, now it’s time for the last segment, to Bucharest.

The end is always a new beginning

Good music seems to follow me wherever I go. Or maybe I somehow manage to find it in the strangest places.

Take the music with you