Wedding Crina & Darren: Urban Cool, Bucharest 1

The first wedding of 2013 was a rather unconventional one.

I am getting more into wedding photography these days and it is an interesting journey for me. I shot a couple of weddings last year, one of them in London – yes, there will be a post about that one, too.

For now, check out some photos I took of Crina & Darren in Bucharest, at the beginning of this year. It was not a full length wedding – just the paperwork, our photoshoot, and a small dinner with only the closest relatives. The couple said they wanted something more unconventional and suggested the urban surroundings of their flat in Bucharest.

Since the city is pretty much grey in winter and they were both dressed in black, I figured these shots are ideal for some lovely black and white conversions.














 (More in my Wedding portfolio. Likes and Shares appreciated.)

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