The Last Sunset

2011 was quite an interesting year for me, filled with beauty right till the end.

As always, the glass is half empty, half full. Optimists will say that even the empty half contains the all important air, and it’s hard to argue with that. Anyway, while I missed certain things last year, I was also rewarded with amazing and beautiful sights and experiences that filled my soul with joy. I found some of them thousands of kilometers away from home, in the heart of Asia, but others were patiently waiting for my return.

The very last sunset of 2011 was a special gift from both nature and a good friend. A beautiful display of light in a breathtaking place, which I would never have found on my own.

We did take a couple of shots but, looking back, it was not about the photos. There are moments when you simply feel overwhelmed by the beauty that surrounds you and you can’t stop smiling. This feeling is what you’ll remember later on. This was one of those moments.


(Click for larger version!)

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