Romantic Sunset With Camels

So maybe this isn’t your typical idea of a romantic sunset ride. There’s no sea and these are no horses. And we’re in the middle of Mongolia.

In 2002 there was an estimated number of 800 wild Bactrian camels in small regions of China and Mongolia, classified as critically endangered. Another 2 million are domesticated.

Compared to their Arabian cousins, the Bactrian camels are slower and more comfortable to ride on, thanks to the two humps on their back. So, they’re not used for races, but rather for carrying tourists on short desert tours, usually at dawn or sunset. A word of advice: they don’t smell too good and they’re annoyingly slow.

Even so, taking (relatively) sharp photos in the low sunset light from the back of a moving camel, looking backwards and using just one hand… let me tell you it’s not that easy. And did I mention the smell ?


(Click for larger version!)

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