Untold Stories

The people of the Mongolian plains must have amazing stories to tell.

The Gobi desert is a breathtaking place. It’s a vast and harsh environment where survival is not easy. The nomads living here are wonders of nature themselves. Most of the time you will find isolated families right in the middle of nowhere. Just a tent or two in an arbitrary spot in the desert. No river next to it, no trees, no nothing. No special characteristic for which that spot is favored.

The members of the family are very close, as they live together for most of their lives, often 3 generations in one tent. The elders are the authority of the house ger and talking to them would surely reveal lots of stories and legends about the Gobi. You’d have to learn their language first, though.

I photographed this man in his tent, somewhere in the desert, where he was living with his wife, children and grandchildren. His face bears the marks of many years and was sculpted by the freezing winds in the exceptionally cold Mongolian winters and by the powerful sun during the summers. I can only wonder about the life he lived and the stories those eyes have seen.


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