Of Russian Love

If I learned one thing during my 2-month trip in Asia, it’s that, for all their amazing cultural differences, humans are pretty much the same at heart, everywhere you go.

No matter if they live in the biggest and busiest Chinese metropolis, among the skyscrapers and thousands of cars and bikes, or if they live in a Mongolian ger with miles of desert between them and the next family, people have the same need for love. You’ll see a young woman on the streets of Hong Kong smiling while texting on her phone, or a young man crossing a busy boulevard in Moscow with a rose in his hand, or maybe an elderly couple holding hands in an old wodden house somewhere in Siberia. Or you’ll see the lonely people wandering on the streets with no particular direction.

Humans have the same basic needs everywhere you go. They feel hungry, sleepy, they get tired, they feel lust, sadness, anger, happiness. All the defining emotions are there, in the heart of every single person that walks the earth. No matter their country, religion, culture or the amount of money they have in their pockets. The feelings are the same for all of us. We don’t get to feel more or less than the person next to us. No matter how much we try to be different, we experience the same basic emotions.

That being said, the Russians might get some of the most intense emotions among men, as the women in Moscow are the most beautiful I have ever seen…

This photo was taken at the end of august in Moscow. They were quite absorbed by their love and kept hugging like that for a couple of minutes. He must be working out. :)

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