Take the music with you

Good music seems to follow me wherever I go. Or maybe I somehow manage to find it in the strangest places.


Yes, this is a travel photography blog, but every now and then I will throw in a couple of words and photos about music. 8 and a half years in radio will do that to you.

Some time ago I was in Irkutsk, Russia, just wandering on the streets, when I heard the most surprising song ever. It’s a song with a special meaning for me because I discovered it in a movie about radio and rock’n’roll (actually in a deleted – but great -scene) and it had a lot to do with traveling the world and taking a break from radio. The name? Get Off My Cloud, by The Rolling Stones. A classic. And on the same day, in the evening, I heard some good old blues while listening to some local russian radio at the hostel. Oh, and they also played a few Christmas songs, for some odd reason.

The next surprising musical encounter was in UlaanBataar, capital of Mongolia. Somewhere in the city they have a monument dedicated to the Beatles. The photo of that in a future post.

And now, who would have thought I would hear Brothers in Arms, by Dire Straits, in a small village in China? And that’s not all. The hostel I’m staying at has the most interesting wall: a couple of guitars surrounded by small canvas pictures with the likes of Bob Marley, Elvis, The Beatles (plus the famous Abbey Road cover) and even Marilyn Monroe. And while these are internationally recognized icons, John Coltrane isn’t. Gotta love a hostel with a good taste in music.


(photos taken with the phone until I get back home)

Itinerary update: So, I climbed The Yellow Mountain in Huangshan,watched the sunrise from the top, then spent two days in the mindblowing Hong Kong and now I am back in China for just a bit. Vietnam is next, hopefully a lot cheaper and certainly with smaller distances. And less people.

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