A proper salute from Moscow

After being burned down by the Mongols and invaded by the French, now Moscow takes pride in its military force.Russian guard
Actually, the list of  Moscow’s defeats is a bit longer, but it’s hard to see any evidence of that in the present. After every war, fire, riot or plague, Moscow has emerged bigger and stronger. Maybe it’s an incredible determination, maybe it’s the people’s pride or, sometimes, a leader’s strong hand. One amazing example is that during the Battle of Moscow, despite casualties estimated at over 1 million people in the clash with the German army, the construction of the metro system didn’t stop. Instead, at the end of the war, the Russians were opening new lines.

Today, the metro system is huge and famous world-wide, the city has grown to a population of over 11 million people, and there is a lot more to see than the military presence. Moscow is a cosmopolitan hub for art, culture, economy and night life.

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